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I'm a new media artist. I was born in Birmingham, England. I've been living in Ormskirk since 2002, which is 13 miles from Liverpool.

The aim of this site is to show you my digital artwork. I usually blog about a new piece of art as soon as prints are available to purchase.

My online portfolio has hundreds of original artworks with many themes, including fairies, angels, dark fantasy, zombies, cute, steampunk, fantasy, surrealism, romance, science fiction and more.

You can purchase museum quality prints of my work at my online art store, Amazon or by using the widget below. Every purchase includes a money-back guarantee.

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Introverts Unite! We’re Here, We’re Uncomfortable And We Want To Go Home

Chess Pieces - White Vs Black - Good Vs Evil.

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Bath Time For Zombie.

Zombie loves bath time. He sits in the bathtub full of blood and splashes around and plays with his plastic duck. He has so much fun!

Getting him out of the tub is the problem; he will kick and scream. Sometimes he tries to bite me, so I poke him in the eye; he doesn’t like that.

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Stalking Tiger.

Art for sale

Floating Glass House - The Water Droplet.

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The Leprechaun and The Goblin.

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Follow The White Rabbit - Alice in Wonderland Art.

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The Hatter - Alice in Wonderland Art.

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